Fedoracoin - TIPS

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General Informations


• Algorithm : Scrypt
• Max coins : 500,000,000,000
• Block time : 60 seconds
• Difficulty retarget : 10 minutes
• KGW algorythm : Yes
• Premine : 3 blocks as test



# blocks••••••••••Reward block (TIPS)
0 - 51,999••••••••••••••••0-5,000,000
52,000 - 103,999••••••••0-2,500,000
104,000 - 207,999•••••••0-1,250,000
208,000 - 415,999•••••••0-625,000
416,000 - 831,999•••••••0-312,500
832,000 - 1,663,999•••••0-156,250



Explorer, hosted @ psycodad
Bootstrap (october 2017)



Source on Github
Linux precompiled wallet following soon...

TIPS Hardfork FAQ

Q: Why a wallet-update that is causing a fork?
A: At some point in the recent past an attacker started toorphanize every and all blocks of all other TIPS miners. The attacker was seemingly able to deliberatly orphanize any block or group of blocks he wished and claim them for himself. Ahmed aka mrbodz kindly provided a new wallet source based on latest Feathercoin sources that uses ACP, advanced checkpointing which counters this possible attack vector. Actually the new wallet would use the same blockchain as before, but would refuse to accept series of blocks that orphanize large numbers of previous (honestly) mined blocks. So as soon as the first attack started the new and improved wallet forked and stuck to the blocks of honest miners.

Q: Is the update mandatory?
A: Yes! While you can sync the old wallet to the forked blockchain, it can easily be distracted to the forked blockchain. So, yes it is mandatory, else you will lose coins sooner or later.

Q: Do I need to resync from scratch after installing the new wallet?
A: Not necessarily, however running the first time with -reindex is advisable and since the new wallet contains multiple seed nodes, we advice you to remove your peers.dat for connecting and synching faster.

Q: Can I buy cheap coins on Novaexchange and sell them with profit on Bter?
A: No, you can't Bter is insisting to use the old source and therefor the fork of the attacker. Coins sent from the new wallet to Bter will be lost!

Q: Can I deposit coins mined on the new wallet to Bter?
A: Again, NO. Bter is sitting on the fork and refusing to update. If you want to deposit to Bter you have to stick with the old wallet.

Q: Which exchanges can I use when I run the new wallet?
A: At the moment only Novaexchange has updated and is actively supporting the new wallet and the right blockchain. We are still trying to negotiate with Cryptopia but haven't come to a solution yet.

Q: I have old coins in my old TIPS wallet. Do they exist in both blockchains?
A: Yes, if the coins have been mined pre block # ~1299878 they can be deposited to Bter from the old wallet and again spent on i.e. Novaexchange from the new wallet later on. Maybe you have to run with -rescan to re-add the coins to your wallet after upgrading.